International marketing services agency

Marketing language is an agency specializing in international marketing services. We support you in your collaboration with customers, partners, branches and agencies abroad—whichever language they use.

Marketing Language supports you with more than a decade of experience in the B2B/B2C marketing of

  • complex technical services
  • Internet services
  • hardware & software
  • technical products for consumers and
  • technical products for professional users.

What we can do for you

  • English-language text

English is long established as the world's number one business language. Fast communication with international markets is essential, so save yourself the time for translation and address your customers directly in English.

  • Technical communication

Editing, proofreading, technical documentation, journalistic articles... Our team has a solid scientific and technical background, years of experience in writing, and they master their cutting-edge tools. These are the prerequisites for effective writing—in German and in English. Just drop us a line.

  • Translation of specialised texts in all languages

Our daily business is to support international companies with the translation of technical, scientific and marketing texts. Our international network of qualified and experienced native speakers translates your text to precisely address your target group.

  • Localization of products, websites and marketing materials

Be it an app, a software program, a website or a brochure—dealing with the latest media requires not only knowledge of the markets and marketing, but also knowledge about how to work with a variety of data formats. We always handle your texts and files so that you can go directly into production, print or online.

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