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Translation and localization

The full-service translation agency

Linguistic sensitivity and technical precision from a single source
Translation today requires not only linguistic and professional skills, but also expertise in dealing with the technology of the modern media world. The finer points of your message or your product characteristics need to be communicated effectively and in a variety of data formats. Be it a brochure, a website, or a user manual—the documents we return to you are ready for publication.

Project management
We offer you a team that takes care of project management, translation and quality assurance—from your initial enquiry to the delivery. We adapt to your needs. DTP and printing? No problem.

Linguistic competence
When it comes to translation we abide by two principles:

  • Native speakers only – your translation will be processed by professional full-time translators who are native speakers of the target language. Our translators can also demonstrate their proven expertise.
  • The dual control principle – two heads are better than one, so a second native speaker proofreads the text for quality assurance.

This is the adaptation of a product, its design, its documentation and its marketing materials to the local conditions of individual markets. We work closely with product managers, developers and marketers in the localization of products such as mobile phones, software, websites, etc. We apply our technical minds to develop optimal solutions in processing.

Computer-aided translation – at the cutting edge of technology
We work with the latest computer-aided translation (CAT) systems, which offer in particular quality through consistency. For example, translators have direct access to specialist terms and company-specific terminology (terminology management) and previous translations (translation memory).

SDL STUDIO (formerly TRADOS) is the world's most widely used CAT system. Able to import a wide variety of data formats, this program allows the translator to work at ease in a familiar environment and to express your message to perfection. After export and quality control, you have documents that are immediately ready to go online or into print.

For example:
  • MS Office, OpenOffice – all formats
  • Technical / scientific documentation – FrameMaker, LaTex, DITA/XML
  • Websites – HTML, XML, CMS systems (such as Typo3)
  • DTP – QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign

Interpreter agency

We provide qualified and experienced interpreters, for example in countries where German or English are not widely spoken.

  • Worldwide
  • Various areas of expertise
  • Nearly all languages

Language services

English is language number one in international business. We can freshen up your knowledge of the English language:

  • General English tuition
  • Language courses in your area of expertise
  • Conversational practice

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